The Nannery name is fairly rare and as nearly as we can tell, originated in the Midlands of Ireland. In Counties West Meath and Longford. The name appears to be descendant form Mac Naradhaigh (formal) or naradhach (modest). Other derivations of the name include Nanery, Nanry and may have come from an odd derivation of Mac Neary.

This web site is the personal site for my family and is part of our greater enterprise; RedFern Enterprises.

We started our Enterprise with in 1997. We created simple static web pages for local businesses, non-profits and some of our favorite charities. And, because they needed something other than just text or clip art, I added my 35mm and digital photography skills to the mix. Because my partner and I both worked full time in our daily lives, we kept it simple and focused on local customers.

In the fall of 2000 I found my self looking for employment.  It's a long story, but suffice to say that the small specialty contractor I was working for was gobbled up by a larger contractor (the competition) and our shop was closed. I had been tinkering with the idea of an online specialty store and we created a regional gift shop called We launched in July of 2001 starting with a few items from local artisans, expanding to include games, gift baskets and herbal products. We're constantly searching for unique high quality products to add to our interesting mix of items from the Pacific Northwest .

One of the items that sold well for us at was a hand and body lotion called Bee Bar. We spun off in 2004 and added in 2008. Bee Bar is a solid lotion bar that soothes dry itching skin, won't wear off with repeated washing and, the original large bar smells like almond cookies. There's also a Lavender Scented Bar and a Natural Unscented version for folks that are sensitive to scents.

Wanting to have a greater selection of games lead us to launch Backporchgames still includes great games from the Pacific Northwest, but gives us the added flexibility to add more games from around the world.

Since the main focus of both and is games for older children and adults (8+) we saw a niche for toddlers and preschoolers.  Our latest endeavor, ,is currently in development and is expected to launch in time for the Holiday shopping season.

As our web presence increases, we find we have less time (or desire) to create sites for outside  clients. That means that isn't needed as a web development presence. But, isn't going away. It will under go some changes in the coming months.  Our plan is use this space to clear out our overstock and old inventory items.  We are also discussing a kind of "Craig's List" where local charities can offer items for sale with the proceeds going to benefit the communities they support.

The list on the right will connect you with our Enterprises sites and some of our friends. Be sure to check them out.

Jim Nannery


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